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About the company

The longest and most intimate relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. And yet, if you’re like most, it can feel downright impossible to change your lifestyle into a healthier one. Those excuses and boundaries you created are temporary and you CAN adopt a PERMANENT healthy lifestyle.11:11 Apothecary has all you need to be successful in your healthy lifestyle changes. We are here to encourage and support you while achieving your holistic health goals.

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Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul Tune Up

60 min

Private yoga session featuring lofi jazz music. The session includes crystal therapy, energy healing, guided mediation, aromatherapy, and tarot/oracle card reading. A full mind, body, spirit, and soul tune-up. Book Now

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Energy Healing & Crystal Therapy

90 min

Each session is different depending on the depletion of the chakra system. Services may include a mix of Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, and aromatherapy to achieve a complete balance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. For

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Pantry Raid and Grocery Store Tour

150 min

Yes, I will be raiding your pantry, not to eat, but cleaning out foods that no longer serve your new healthy lifestyle. This can be a personal visit at the client’s house, or through a virtual tour. Even more, helping you make smarter nutrition

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Yoga and LoFi Stream

60 min

We pair breath with movement and movement with music. You will get stronger, more flexible, and more present while vibing to eclectic beats and upbeat sounds.

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Private Video Yoga Session

60 min

Private yoga session offering distant energy healing, guided mediation, and tarot/oracle card reading. 60 minutes of guided soul healing.Book Now


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