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About the company

Body in flux is a project, an idea behind which lies an intention of discovery, (re)learning, sharing, evolving, and utilizing of our bodies. 

It's a platform on which I share what I've learned so far, out of the desire to share the benefits of it with others. I offer yoga classes, which are usually combined with functional movement practices. They follow the general Vinyasa yoga teaching but are also expanded to other disciplines to broaden the vocabulary of our bodies.

The bodywork sessions are a mixture of Thai massage and Wùo Tai technique. They are different in their approach and dynamics, allowing the giver and the receiver of the treatment to experience different qualities of both practices. They are combined and intertwined in the sessions, bringing dance and meditation-like atmosphere. Thai massage allows us to promote the circulation of both blood and lymph throughout the body, and well-positioned touch helps soften the tension that we carry. Wùo Tai practice is a subtle technique, a palette of gestures that dive deep into our fascia system, its effects, like waves, reach our neurovascular-nervous systems. ("It is simply the living that moves, the living between oneself, the other and the rhythm." Roland Combes, founder of the practice)

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Pajama yoga

60 min

Pajama yoga is a slow-paced mixture of meditation, stretching, gentle balance exercises, joint mobility, and muscle activation; a well-rounded morning routine to gently awaken the body and the mind. It is suited for everyone and does not require any

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60 min

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Private Thai/Wùo Tai bodywork session

120 min

Bodywork sessions are envisioned as a sharing of kindness through touch. Thai massage is a colorful array of healing traditions that have roots in Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian traditions. It works through acupressure, in which the b


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