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About the company

Dear friend, It's me, Sam. Thank you for joining and exploring your journey in the different realms of Yoga. It is my intention to help us all grow, inspire and co-create this space as we embody this ancient practice and the wisdom it holds. As always, I'll just be around if you have questions. With love and support. Sam

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Sam Dominguez Yoga

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Yogic Wind Down

60 min

A guided yogic practice to help you process the day. With the help of different yogic practices, this class invites us to unwind and relax in our yoga mat. Supported by meditation, restorative poses, and internal resourcing to help regulate the cen

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Gentle Evening Flow

60 min

Gentle evening vinyasa flows that are fluid and grounding asana practices to end your day and your week. Expect gentle movements and focus on developing softness and surrender. If you are new to the practice, this class is suited for you.

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60 min


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