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Under the Hatha branch of Yoga, Adam's primary style is Vinyasa, weaving sequences together that are demanding and strong, slow and considerate, playful and light. He also gives Gravity Yoga classes, a supplementary targeted flexibility and mobility training which dives into the science of stretching, using relaxation, breathwork and time under passive tension to help people unlock tight areas of the body. Alongside these practices he guides a gentle, meditative Restorative class too. 

All practice is approached with a consciousness that every body is different and every mind has it’s own thing going on. He provides modifications and insists on the use of props to get the best out of every sensation.

There really is a practice for everyone from all walks of life. He hopes to see you soon!

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Adam James Cridland

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Gravity Yoga ® Targeted Flexibility Training

60 min

Gravity Yoga is a mat-based, targeted mobility training method that helps students with stiff backs, locked up hips, and tight hamstrings. These classes are hugely popular all around the world because they deliver flexibility results quickly. In clas

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60 min


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