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We're Top leading photography service base in Ogun/Lagos. We give you

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The High Profile Chef

Events (regular and recurring)

Hello Everyone ! my name is Allegra but everyone calls me Ally ! I  have been in the food industry for almost 9 years now. I have cooked for the no kid go hungry foundation for the Minnesota Vikings along with cooking for over 5 of your favorite

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Expressive Illustrations

Art classes

You may book me for various jobs for an affordable price.

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Visual Media Group, LLC


PortraitsPlease bring your badge with you to have your portrait taken.

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Wichita, W-2 Portrait Studio, Cessna Boulevard,

Textron Aviation

Events (regular and recurring)

Please use this site to book your Computer Refresh

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Wichita, 1 Cessna Blvd

Cards on Yards

Equipment rental

⭐️Celebrating life’s great moments should not be a thing of the past⭐️

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North Hydraulic Avenue