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Honorarkonsul der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Kansas City

We are here to serve you!

Please note that while our office is open during regular business hours (see listing on left), if you wish to visit us in person, we strongly advise you to make an appointment. Many times we are busy helping other people or are away from the office on other business. By making an appointment, you are guaranteeing that not only will we be here to help you, you will also get our full attention (e.g. you cannot get "bumped" for someone else).

If, at any point, you get confused or have any questions, we are very accessible via phone and email. So, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you!

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Passport / Reisepass

60 min

You will not need to go to Chicago. During your appointment, we will collect your application and supplementary documents and do the initial processing. As part of this procedure, we will also collect your biometric information. Because of this, y

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Legalization / Beglaubigung

15 min

We will be happy to perform a legalization (beglaubigung) for you. Please call us in advance to make sure we are authorized to legalize your document as there are some things which we are not authorized to legalize. Please be advised that:


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