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Life Long Strategies

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About the company

     My name is Lisa and my business is an opportunity for me to live my passion of offering guidance and support in what most of us consider to be the important areas of our lives. Having decades of experience living and learning with many different cultures, races, ethnicities of individuals, couples and groups, I have gained a plethora of life lessons that are universally true. I specialize in work-life harmony and the stress/anxiety that can be associated with it. I work regularly on relationships and the art of navigating them; communication skills such as effective speaking and listening; and spiritual growth. In all of this, my aim is to help others achieve a greater sense of identity, awareness, and authenticity.

- Buffalo State University: BSW, 1983
- Boston University: Study of Family Therapy and Social Work, 1985
- Monash University, MA Counseling, 2007

License: LAC

- Certification in Career/Support/Well being, 2017
- CADC Substance Abuse Counseling, 2010 - Montclair State University
Mindfulness Studies, 2015 - PESI, Behavioral Health Continuing Education
- Traumatic Stress Studies with Dr. Bessel A. van der Kolk, 2016 - PESI, Behavioral Health Continuing Education
- Certified Grief Counselor, 2015 - PESI, Behavioral Health Continuing Education
- The Essentials of Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT) in Action, 2016 - PESI, Behavioral Health Continuing Education
- NJ EMDR 3-Day Intensive Training: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing with Dr. Francine Shapiro, 8/2016 - PESI, Behavioral Health Continuing Education

Our team

Lisa M. Isley, BSW; MA; Course Completion CADC.

Top services

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1 Hour Individual Session

60 min

In Individual sessions, a host of options are available to you including mapping out a career path, gaining a better understanding of strengths and areas of improvement, and relationship strategies both professionally and personally.

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1.5 Hour Couples Session

90 min

Relationship Building - For couples looking to build a stronger sense of unity and trust whilst navigating and balancing the increasing demands and desires of their everyday living. Offers goal setting, strategic positioning for moving forward, confl


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