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Hello Cleveland Christmas cheer mister enthusiasts,

*   Santa clause is coming to town; with a sac of gifts and a mound of coal. Clause is a jolly round man he joyful he chimes his  it’s clear why we call him, Kris Kringle dear Kris Kringle mbells ringing dong ding ding 

Kris Kringlehow the sound happy to be mentioned as our Dear Kris Kringleto jingles, a familiar sound Kris Kringle can hear he is near as the bells chime along a ding dong ding, sound of dear Kris Kringle;

call him Jolly travels in frost thru zooming winds, with style and grace as he arrives to the stop on your block. e checks his list to verify if you acted naughty or played nice this past while bearing his gifts of joy renewing your spirts holiday cheer.  he checks his list to verify those who stop on your block, on 

list confirm his  for you holiday joy plan to deliver all warm holiday joy his the naughty Plan for stop on your block plans prepared joyfully to plan stop to your block block.  Kris Kringle has the list to confirm if  you’ve been naughty or nice. a has a plan to deliver joy on your block.

It’s time to set up those cameras on the tri-pod because this is the year you’ll be able to Catch Santa live-in-action delivering presents to your house! 

 If you’re an adult, you can contact Santa and his elf to coordinate a location with a set time to schedule his joyful personal presence to This holiday your family will have a magical in-home photo-op experience with Santa and his helper Elf. Santa is a busy man so make sure you plan  ahead to catch Santa this year!        Santa clause is coming to town; with his sac of gifts anor some coal, he has a plan to deliver joy on your block.

All the families that would love the chance to lay out the milk and cookies better prepare because jolly ol’ saint Nicholas’ arrival time can now be coordinated with a confirmed reservation meeting ato your by using this website contact website and coordinating  reserve a moment to meet Santa and his elf at your home wit

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Christmas Eve night Santa -drop in

15 min

Introducing our exclusive service, Christmas Eve Night Santa Drop-In! On the enchanting eve of Christmas, our Santa and his cheerful helper will make a special visit to your home, delivering presents under the magical Christmas tree. To ensure a seam


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