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  • CWB Branch (Our TST shop is moving to Rosewood -Carlyle & Co. from 3/6(Mon). TST Barbers will shift between TST and CWB. Pls Call/Whatsapp +852-9155-2268 for TST appointments. , 4/F NO. 11 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay
  • TST Branch (Moves to Rosewood- Carlyle & Co. from 3rd June), Rosewood Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
  • Sam's Cut
  • Founder's Reserve, 4/F NO. 11 LAN FONG ROAD HONG KONG
  • Marco (Working @Rosewood- Carlyle & Co. every Fri.)
  • Kaz (Working @Rosewood- Carlyle & Co. every Monday.)
  • Monie (Working @Rosewood- Carlyle & Co. every Thur.)
  • Michael (Working @Rosewood- Carlyle & Co. every Sun.)
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