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About the company

Our mission is to make sure that kids aged between 8 to15 get a better understanding of English tutored by high school students in the U.S. We wish to provide for kids of similar ages to learn from each other's culture internationally. The mission of BLAVOR becomes extremely important because it provides a solution to learning during the pandemic.

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Top services

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Read a Book

30 min

This class is more listening than talking. After reading the book, the tutor may give a few questions and/or have a discussion with the student.

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Help with Homework

30 min

This class is one where your child can ask the tutor for help on their needed homework such as narrative writings, essays, and grammatical problems.

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Have a Conversation

30 min

If reading a book or talking about homework is too much for you, or your child, than just having a conversation is perfect! Engage in a healthy talk with your tutor and learn more about the English culture.


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