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About the company

We offer a calm, quiet, personal grooming experience and focus on each appointment individually. Most dogs take less then 2 hours and are never cage dried or kenneled while here. Prices range on breed and size, and the condition of the dog.
Small Dogs $18-35 (0-30lbs)Medium Dogs $28-35 (30-60lbs)Large Dogs $38-45 (60-90lbs)X-Large Dogs $48-55 (90+lbs)

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Small Breed- Full groom

120 min

Small breed full groom ($45) Shih-tzu, Maltese, Yorkies, schnauzers, Dogs 30lbs and under, that need a bath, blow dry, hair cut, nails and ears and glands are always checked and done if needed. Everything is included in this package. Get the hair

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Full Groom for dogs 30lbs +

120 min

This full grooming service is for dogs that need a hair cut, bath, brush out, nail trim and are 30lbs or more. This takes us about an hour and a half to two hours. $55-65

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Poodles Doodles and more!

180 min

We love our doodles! Golden doodles, labradoodles, newfie-poo, sheep a doodles and more! Brushing your dogs out just before your appointments is always appreciated! We do charge extr

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Bath and nails

60 min

A quick bath and nails is for breeds like labs, boxers, shepherds and other shorthair breeds that don't not require a hair cut. A deep clean scrub down in the tub, a blow out with the dog dryer and brush out/nail trim is included. Small Breed - Bath

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Shed Relief

60 min

This service works great for those dogs who are shedding like crazy! With a special furmanator shampoo and conditioner helps loosen up the undercoat, and leaves your pet feeling fresh and clean! Nails and ears are always included!

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Puppy Intro

60 min

This is for puppies 10weeks to 6months who need a bath and touch up, this will help get the puppy used to the grooming process before they need a full groom and hair cut. A puppy intro includes a bath with a deep cleaning shampoo and moisturizing con


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