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Glasgow Print Studio

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Glasgow Print Studio promotes contemporary and innovative printmaking through supporting artists, exhibitions, learning, sales and conservation

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Etching Rochat Press (Member Editioning)

Rae Proofing Press and/or all etching areas

Takach Press and/or all etching area

Eagle Press

Motorised Press- Relief Area

Small Screen Bed 1 & access all areas screenprint

Small Screen Bed 2 & access all areas screenprint

Large Screen Bed 4 & access all areas screenprint

Drawing Up Area / Photopolymer Dark Room

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ETCHING Open Access Bookings

180 min

Click to access the booking time table for all etching presses- maximum of one day per member for week just now.You must be a current member of GPS to book.

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RELIEF Open Access Printing Presses

180 min

Please click to book Eagle Press and Motorised Press.

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SCREENPRINT Open Access Printing Presses & Screen Exposure / Prep

180 min


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