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About the company

We are a family owned party equipment rental company that has been providing excellent service since 2013!

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Sea World

Hot Air Balloons


Hello Kitty

Club House

Green Castle

Princess castle

Disney Princess

5 in 1 combo

Sports Combo

Castle Combo

Obstacle course

Climb Combo

Ocean World Combo


Sponge Bob

Super Heroes

Green Combo

Sea World Combo

Crocodile Slide

Palm Tree Waterslide

Slip n' Slide

Yellow Superslide

Sunshine Superslide

Rainbow Superslide

Red Superslide

Castle Superslide

Surfer superslide

Jungle Superslide

Paradise Superslide

Top services

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Bouncy Houses

1380 min

Regular square inflatable for kids to jump.

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1380 min

Inflatables with a spot to jump, a slide, and more. Includes obstacle course.

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Small Waterslides

1380 min

Small waterslides ranging from 8ft tall to 10 ft tall 

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Combo Waterslides

1380 min

Bouncy house/waterslide combination inflatable

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1380 min

18 ft tall waterslides

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Double lane superslides

1380 min

18 ft double lane waterslides


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