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Another Galloway Station Museum Escape Room

Seriously, who gets locked in a museum exhibit? Well, apparently you and your friends do... and you only have 45 minutes to find a way out before you are locked in the Galloway Station Museum with the artifacts from the Wilfrid 'Wop' May exhibit... for the weekend! Use the materials provided and solve the clues and escape the room before it's too late!

Booking NOW at the Galloway Station Museum for the month of May. (See what we did there?)

$60/group + gst. Suggested age minimum of 13. Minimum of 2 adults per group, and up to 5 people total. For more information call the Galloway at 780-723-5696. Runs May 1-31

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Escape Room - Group Booking

60 min

Its time. The Galloway Station Museum returns with a brand new escape room, all about the adventures of Canadian hero Wilfrid Reid 'Wop' May. Can you make it out in time? Ages 12+ Groups of up to 5 $60/group (+tax) Runs May 1-31


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