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Small Acts of Violence

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About the company

C0N10UR and argos present Small Acts of Violence. You’re invited to walk through a low landscape of broken ceramics vases, moldy collages and brick walls. Wait in the seating area for a caring guide to welcome you into a fabric cocoon, and experience the artist Aay Liparoto’s immersive cinematic Virtual Reality work at the heart of this exhibition.

Small Acts of Violence is a cinematic virtual reality experience that makes you physically aware of the relationship between love and nonconsensual violence. Your body is immersed in a beautiful, sexual, tender, and grotesque landscape. We hear overlapping and melting testimonies while watching caring and domestic scenes. A central figure devotedly guides you through a soft bubble of familiar objects, kitschy and colorful.

+Trigger warnings

Small Acts of Violence is proudly produced by ARGOS center for audiovisual arts, fully funded and supported by VAF, V2 (NL), Contour Biennale, Morpho VZW and Workspacebrussels. 

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Small Acts of Violence / VR experience

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