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Asher Leigh

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    12:30 PM - 5:00 PM

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About the company

Integrative emotional, creative, & spiritual products, services, and live events. Live music shows & trainings 1-on-1 Soul Expression coaching Group workshops & programs.

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Asher Leigh

Top services

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Free Consult (15-30 minutes)

30 min

A free consultation to further understand your desires, challenges, and a purposeful path forward. We will also explore whether I can support you in creating what you want in a coaching partnership.

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Connection Call

30 min

A virtual tea date for get-to-know-you's, professional check-ins, and networking meet-ups. 

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Coaching + Mentorship Session (45 minutes)

60 min

Coaching/mentorship encouraging and guiding female entrepreneurs as they discover their value and create their most impactful service business. Sessions are 45 minutes in length.

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Foundation Session (90 minutes)

90 min

Intentions Setting session for female entrepreneurs as they ground themselves in their aligned vision, and create a roadmap for stepping towards their desires with ease and support.Session is 90 minutes long.


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