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Welcome to the Chapman Mills PS online Parent Teacher Interview scheduler..

Please click Book Now.  

The teacher names can be found in alphabetical order. Once you select the teacher you want to see, click on an available time, you will be asked for your contact details.

When your appointment is set-up, you will receive an email confirmation with your time and a link to cancel if you need to reschedule the appointment. 

If you cannot make an available time, please contact the teacher to set up another appointment option.

Please note, our Parent Teacher Interviews are held:

4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Thursday November 14th 
8:30 a.m to 10:30 a.m. Friday November 15th.

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Natalie Allaire

Tami Ault

Jason Bagshaw

Melanie Crichton

Tania Crockett / Bonnie-Lynn Allan

Anne Gourlay

Michelle Leduc-Dodsworth

Melanie Grivas

Barb Healy

Christina Leibbrandt

Anne Kim

Meaghan Mills

Chris Savage

Krista Sultmanis

Vandana Masih

Erika Kopf-Johnson

Melissa Rider

Paige Brisson

Nermine Hanna

Colleen Scott

Tatiana Kapoustina

Anne Payette

Laura Green

Cindy Noble

Catherine Sappi

Lisa Ryan / Linda Wood

Amanda Jerome

Laura Noel

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