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Accessibility: If you have any trouble booking an appointment, please call 850-807-4424 and an accessibility agent will assist you.
Quickly Protect Your Business Website from ADA Title III Accessibility Lawsuits
No matter what size business, franchise or enterprise, Adot Pro, (a product of Adot Labs) allows you to create an accessibility plan,build and edit a compliant web page and publish it to your existing website. 
Adot Pro is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) that enables website owners to create an accessible version of their existing website, without having to completely start over or engage in a costly redesign. Adot Pro has been designed to provide a quick, easy and affordable accessibility compliant version of a business’s digital information that impaired individuals can use to engage content online as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III laws.
How does ADOT Pro work?
• Adot Pro scans the existing website and pulls the content into a version that is optimized specifically for use by accessibility technologies commonly used by impaired individuals to engage with digital content and business information online.
•  Our easy to use visual editor customizes the content and optimizes the flow of information so that an impaired user can engage, understand and make decisions on why, how, when and where to do business with you. Adot Pro also offers optimizing services to save you editing time.
• After publishing the Adot Pro site, an impaired web user visiting the existing website is immediately prompted that there is an accessibility compliant version of the site.
• When they engage the accessibility authentication link, they are redirected to the accessibility compliant version of the website.
• Adot Pro will regularly crawl the linked non-compliant, visually focused website for changes and notify the website owner to update the compliant Adot Pro version with relevant changes.

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We provide accessible digital solutions to fit any business need that showcases your business and are easy to maintain.


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