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Eagle Eye Catering Services

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About the company

A catering service that creates your event or special occasion in your own image. From private intimate occasions to private events. We can also give you private cooking lessons. I am your Chef.

"We Have A Sharp Eye in Catering to Create a Unique Experience in Your Image"

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Lavar Spencer

Top services

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360 min

Catering - This service is for special group events; 20 to 250+ people. Whether big or small, I am at your service. Weddings, birthday parties, Family reunions, and even anniversary parties. The prices can range from a minimum of $40 up to $100 per p

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Cooking lessons

120 min

Cooking Lessons - This service provides a more personal touch for individuals, couples, or groups who are looking to expand their cooking skills and knowledge. The rate for this service is $165 per person (1-2 people) for 2 hours. The group rate (3-1

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Private Chef

240 min

Private Chef - This service personally caters to a private, intimate setting. I would be y0ur personal Chef for a more intimate occasion within your own home. I will bring a restaurant feel to you. I would provide the food products, the rates could r


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