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    10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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About the company

Events by Jes is a full-service Event Management & Drapery company which produces glamorous and luxurious events. We plan, coordinate and manage authentic Weddings and Events which reflect the client’s aesthetics and are a true representation of the client. Our clients are unique and enjoy collaborating to implement new and never done before elements into their event. We’re ready to Transform Your Vision Into Reality!

Our team

Jessica Smith-Presley

Top services

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Phone Consultation

30 min

Events by Jes provides a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your upcoming event. A member of our team will contact you either 10 minutes prior or 10 minutes after your scheduled time. We look forward to Transforming Your Vision int

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In-Person Consultation

75 min

Events by Jes provides a one hour in-person studio consultation to discuss the needs of the event. The event questionnaire must be completed prior to in-person consultation. 

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Vendor Meeting

60 min

Events by a Jes provides a 1 hour Scheduled Meeting with Client’s Vendor to discuss details of event. 

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Decor Consultation

60 min

Design & Decor Consultation for upcoming event. 

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Final Walk-Through

60 min

Events by Jes provides a 30-day final walk-through per event to finalize all event details with client and event professionals.

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30 min

Events by Jes provides a 30 minute phone follow-up to discuss contracts, invoices, design proposals and additional details for client event.

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Zoom Consultation

45 min

Events by Jes understands that the global pandemic has caused face-to-face interactions to be less likely; however, for new consultations, vendor meetings and other informal meetings, we will provide a Zoom call to discuss your upcoming event.


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