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About the company

Icon logistics have introduced a booking system to ease congestion outside ICONS warehouses. 

Here you will be able to book delivery/pickup time slot for the following sites.

             - 88 Parry St Warehouse, 

             - 95 Parry St Warehouse,

             - 10 Duke Street, Sawyers Bay Warehouse

             - T Shed Fryatt Street 

All truck arrivals picking up and/or dropping off goods from these warehouses must go through Icon logistics simple booking system.

Trucks that have booked using the online website will have priority. Each driver is still required to make contact with dispatch prior to entering any warehouse.

Failure to pre-book or missing your time slot will result in the truck taking the next possible time slot if available. Please communicate directly with dispatch if you are running late or early.

Please note that we ask you not to wait for extended periods on Parry Street.   

For further inquiries please contact

Our team

88 Parry St

95 Parry St

10 Duke St Sawyers Bay

T-Shed 94 Fryatt Street

34 Carncross St

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Early Drop-off

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