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Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo India

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Executive Programs Legacy Standalone/Team Leader/Members, Executive Programs V2 Standalone/Team Leader/CIO Team Seat, Gartner for CIOs Standalone/Team Leader/Members, Gartner for Mid-Size Enterprise CIOs, and Majestic Prospects can book a private space at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in Kochi during the conference to meet with their team, take a phone call or get some work done. Space is available for groups of up to 6 at up to 60 minute increments. The meeting rooms are located on Level 1 in the Grand Salon Foyer at the Grand Hyatt in Kochi.
*Please note all meeting attendees must be approved and registered to attend the in-person conference. For questions surrounding associate registration for the conference, please contact your manager and/or your continent ops lead. 
Meetings will be added to the attendee and associate agendas on Conference Navigator within 1 week of the conference start date. For any questions, please contact the Gartner Conference Meeting Center team at gartnerconferencemeetingcenter@gartner.comOnsite: Please visit the check in desk outside of the meeting rooms to check into your meeting. Please note, any meetings scheduled while onsite may not be added to Conference Navigator.

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Member Meeting Room 1

30 min

meeting room for up to 6 people

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Member Meeting Room 2

30 min

meeting room for up to 4 people 


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