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Connect to the very best lokal culture has to offer. Eat, drink and adventure through our curated experiences with the expertise of lokal guides.


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Top services

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Cook with

180 min

You’re going to be creating a Filipino dish with a bit of Pepper’s take on it. You’ll start with an intro to Kimmie and the team and from there you’ll all get straight to cooking. While you’re cooking, feel free to ask any questions about the dish, t

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Hit the wakepark

720 min

Chris is going to be taking you out to the wakepark and getting you out on the water. Whether you've been out before or this is your first time, Chris is a veteran and has you covered.

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Learn lokal coffee

90 min

This will be a local coffee cupping class. It is an activity where people taste different and several types of coffee to determine their flavor, body, aroma, and sweetness. It'll be held in YDG Coffee, just located along Shaw Blvd. in Mandaluyong Cit

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Jiu-jitsu with a champ

180 min

You’ll be covering self defense techniques that are used within the sport of jiu-jitsu. While this class will be focusing on general jiu jitsu knowledge, you’ll be able to use the information given to transfer to real-world applications. The class be

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Self defense basics

60 min

You'll be working through basic self defense techniques with a seasoned martial arts practitioner. Learn how to defend yourself in multiple situations. If a threat ever presented itself, know that you have some basic knowledge of how to handle the si

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Find calmness w. yoga

180 min

Mindful Yoga and Meditation for BeginnersThis two-and-a-half hour workshop is designed as a simple and accessible introduction for beginners. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a personalized action plan, together with the understandi


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