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Hello and welcome!

My name is Nataly Adrian. I am a teacher, a writer, a translator, a travel photographer and a digital nomad. 

My mission is to help you improve your English language skills so that you can work, study and socialise with confidence in English.

If you want to know what my clients think about me, please go to my Linkedin page:

You can also visit my website:

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Nataly Adrian

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30-minute lesson

30 min

What's the difference between "I did" and "I have done"? Why do we say "I go to work", but "I go to THE restaurant"? What does it mean "I'm positive"?

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60-minute lesson

60 min

How do I pronounce: THROUGH, THOUGH, TOUGH, COUGH? Why do we say: AN umbrella, but A university? When do I use MAY or MIGHT?


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