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About the company

Pinterest imagines a different kind of internet—and a different kind of experience at Cannes, too. Experience a vibrant oasis that’ll help you figure out what you love and forget about likes.

It’s different here.

What to expect

Try a future-inspired trend at the Pinterest Predicts Parlour

Get that micro tattoo, bejewelled updo or nailscape you’ve been dreaming of—all inspired by our Pinterest Predicts trends for 2022.

Go from idea to ‘I did’ at our creator-led workshops

Join Pinterest creators for exclusive workshops like screen printing and aura photography. Then immerse yourself in Idea Pins + Idea ads to learn why creators love them, and why your brand team will love them, too.

Explore our gifting gallery for a different kind of souvenir

Find the perfect present for the ones back home, inspired by the thoughtful shoppers on Pinterest.

Our team

Aura Photography

Lili Creuk Salon

Tattoo artist: Becky Donnelly

Tattoo artist: Ryan Dobbs

Hairstylist: Clayton Hawkins

Hairstylist: Naeemah LaFond

Makeup artist: Wendy Asumadu

Makeup artist: Mayumi Oda

Artist: Brian Giles

Artist: Frankie Zombie

Artist: Juan Miguel Marin

Framer: Isaac

Pinterest Creative Strategy team

Lili Creuk Salon

Top services

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Aura photography

5 min

Pinterest at Cannes 2022: A vibrant oasis that inspires action. A positive place where people can avoid the distractions that stop them creating and try something new.

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Nailscape manicures

30 min

Service image

Micro tattoos

60 min

Service icon

Trending hairstyles

30 min

Service icon

Trending makeup

15 min

Service icon

Workshop: Screen printing

60 min

Service icon

Workshop: Customise your kicks

90 min

Service image

Workshop: Mindful drawing

60 min

Service icon

Move your Frame

45 min

Fun fitness classes to get you moving your frmae and feeling inspired!

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Workshop: Creative Strategy

60 min


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