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About the company

How to see in Prague what the ordinary tourists never see?

The secret places which are known only by native citizens. Some advice for smart tourists.

Are you at the first time in Prague? Or have you already been here for a few times?

We are sure, you have already gone around all historical places. Also have visited walking tours and coach trips. In other words you have acquainted with the city and have nothing else to see? 80 percent of tourists say the same.

Let’s see, what we can offer you.

Moments that should be remembered for all life.

Indeed, our life consists of these moments! You’ll take not a pork knee from Prague, but you’ll take the impressions, which you share to your friends. We suggest you to see other Prague in our exciting excursions.

Our tour it is cheerful, adventure and very effective way of acquaintance with the city while we are travelling as the native citizens. We’ll explore secluded corners of ancient Prague together and we’ll show you the parts of the city which you haven’t seen yet. We try to keep far from the main historical monuments and touristic areas and we pay more  attention to the unique parts of the city, where residents of Prague live and spend their free time.

Our guides believe in necessity of individual pastime and wishes of each client.

So, we offer tours, connecting with human emotions (that’s why we love our job).

Safety is our main priority.

Before starting the excursion our employees check technical condition of all scooters.

We inform about rules of conduct on the road, how to use scooter and check driving experience of clients.

This test is very important for us because it is necessary to drive in safety environment.

The politic of our company provide compensation of tour cost if the scooter is broken on the route (details are in term and conditions).

Full service - by default.

We don’t take any additional fee. Our tour includes renting a scooter with full tank of petrol, a bottle of water, tea or coffee on the stations and two helmets: for a driver and for a passenger. If it rains, we’ll give a light raincoat. Even if you are completely soaked, it will increase your impressions about the tour. Because, the mostly important thing is your unforgettable emotions.

Book now and pay later.

Book your scooter right now until the seats haven't been reserved yet. Please, remember, that each scooter accommodates two persons. But if you want to enjoy your traveling alone, please reserve each person their own scooter. Pay for the tour before starting the excursion and enjoy new  unforgettable impressions.

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Prague's scooter tour with a guide

180 min

Choose the number of scooters. One scooter holds 2 passengers. If you want to travel together - book one scooter for 2 persons.


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