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General Warden Training

We are pleased to advise you of the next scheduled round of Warden Training for DIBP National Office.

Before you nominate to attend training, please clear this with your supervisor before responding.  If your supervisor rejects your attendance, email your building Chief Warden in the first instance and cc for the appropriate follow up action. There have been previous occasions where some staff have had difficulty in accessing this system. If you experience any difficulties booking a session please advise

You may choose any of the three sessions. Once you register for one session you will be reminded of the upcoming training.You may change your registration up to one hour before the start of that session but you must be able to find another available space in other sessions to change to.

Wardens who do not attend the routine scheduled training may be removed from the warden lists and may have their allowance ceased.  If you have a legitimate reason for non-attendance and you cannot find another available session, you must email the  Chief Warden of your building and your supervisor, detailing the reason you are unable to attend.


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General Warden Training 1 May 2019

180 min

Wednesday 1st May 2019

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General Warden Training 2 May 2019

180 min

Thursday 2nd May 2019

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General Warden Training 23 May 2019

180 min

Thursday 23rd May 2019


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