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    1:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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    1:00 PM - 5:30 PM

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About the company

4 different packages are available, with a base number of kids, and you can add more kids to a package for $8 each:

4 kids (no pizza), includes 6 drinks - $59 + sales tax

8 kids (no pizza), includes 10 drinks - $89 + sales tax 

8 kids - 1 extra large pizza & 12 drinks - $99 + sales tax

13 kids - 2 extra large pizzas & 16 drinks - $139 + sales tax

            Included in All packages is also the following:

* Skating & choice of rentals (skates or blades)

* Uptown Playland (ages 12  and under)

* Reserved tables & jumbo balloon

    Reserved tables are currently for the duration of published skate sessions.

    If you would like a shorter party time, you can invite your guests for any time window during our published sessions

* Decorative paper products

* Drink tickets for a selection of beverages

* Bring your birthday cake

(birthday cake and/or pizza are the only foods allowed to be brought in - no carry in beverages - nothing can be carried in without a reserved birthday party package.)

ADD MORE KIDS for just $8 each (Admission payment is required for all children, all sessions)

ATTENTION: All pay admission or have to be counted on your tab for Thursday parties. (PIZZA BUFFET NIGHT!)

We do not charge for parents to bring in kids except for Thursday Pizza Buffet night.

(Adults who wish to skate can be added to your bill/list for the $8 rate if you wish, or they can pay regular admission prices.)

This party will be a memorable favorite for you and your guests for years to come. In addition to skating and Uptown Playland (age 12 and under), your guests will enjoy group games such as limbo and the ping pong ball scramble, the big birthday announcement, redemption arcade games, and our well stocked snack bar and Stuff Shop. We will have your reserved tables all set up with decorative paper products and a jumbo balloon with the birthday name on it. Let us do the work . . . you come and have fun!

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Skate City

Top services

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4-Fun $64 + sales tax: Great for a Small Group

30 min

Package Designed for: * Up to 4 Kids or Skating Adults * 6 Drink Tickets (purchase more at the snack bar) * Bring Your Pizza (or buy ours: $14.25) $30 is for the deposit below

Service image

GR8 Fun $94 + sales tax: Bring Your Pizza (drinks Included)

30 min

Package Designed for: * Up to 8 Kids or Skating Adults * 10 Drink Tickets (purchase more at the snack bar) * Bring Your Pizza (or buy ours: $14.25)

Service image

GR8 Deal $104 + sales tax: Pizza Included (more drinks too!)

30 min

Package Designed for: * Up to 8 Kids or Skating Adults * 12 Drink Tickets (purchase more at the snack bar) * 1 Extra Large Pizza Included (12 slices)

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Dozen Deal $144 + sales tax: Double The Pizza (more drinks too!)

30 min

13th PERSON FREE! Package Designed for: * Up to 13 Kids or Skating Adults [13th is FREE!: Baker's Dozen] * 16 Drink Tickets (purchase more at the snack bar) * 2 Extra Large Pizzas Included (24 slices)


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