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Q: How long do eyelash extensions last?
A: The lashes typically last anywhere from 3-5 weeks with proper care. Fills should be booked every 3-4 weeks to maintain your set. (25%+ required for fill)

Q: How many lashes do you apply for a Classic full set?
A: We apply lashes to every one of your natural lashes (except new growth). This is generally anywhere from 50-100 lashes per eye, depending on the number of natural lashes you have.

Q: What are Volume lashes?
A: Russian volume lashes are light, thin lashes that are grouped together then applied per lash. This allows for maximum volume and lashes can be mixed with Classic lashes to achieve your desired fullness.

Q: How long do Russian lashes last?
A: Russian lashes typically last a bit longer than average classic lashes, a fill should be scheduled every 3-5 weeks.

Q: What type of eyelashes do you use?
A: I use only high-quality synthetic mink & synthetic silk lashes in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses, curls, and colours.

Q: Can I fill the lashes more than once?
A: Yes lashes can be filled on an ongoing basis from the initial full set application – as long as the lashes aren’t too grown out or damaged. 

Q: Do you fill other people’s lash work?
A: Yes, I can fill other people’s lash work as long as the initial lash application was done properly. If not, we can do a removal and full set – but please keep in mind that a removal takes 30-40 minutes and appointment durations for full sets and fills vary.

Q: Does the process hurt?
A: Not at all, most people fall asleep during the application.

Q: What are the chances of an allergic reaction?
A: It is very rare that someone has a reaction. The lashes are attached to your eyelash and not your skin, therefore minimizing the chances of reaction. Should you have a reaction, please contact me immediately.

Q: I wear contact lenses, is that ok?
A: Yes it is safe to wear the contacts after the application.

Q: Will the lashes damage my natural lashes?
A: With proper care and attention, the lash extensions will not damage your natural ones. 

Q: I want a very dramatic look, is that possible?
A: A dramatic look is possible, however it depends on the length and number of your natural lashes.

Q: I have blonde lashes, does that matter?
A: No, the glue is black and your natural lashes won’t be visible when the false lashes are attached.

Q: How do I remove the lashes?
A: You can book an appointment here for a removal, or if most of the lashes have fallen off naturally, you can soak the lashes in a baby oil or olive oil for a few hours, then gently begin to remove lashes with a Q-tip.

Q: Can I wear mascara with lash extensions on?
A: There are oils in regular mascara that will remove the lashes prematurely – if you need to use mascara, I can recommend a few brands. 

Q: Is there anything I should do before coming to my appointment?
A: Come with clean eyes (no makeup or mascara) if possible. Otherwise I have makeup remover available here.

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Volume Eyelash Extensions - Volume Set

135 min

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Lash Lift *Promotion!*

75 min

Perfect for clients who crave that extra curl for their natural lashes. Curlier lashes help mascara achieve a fuller look. Lashes remain curled for approximately 6-8 weeks (which is your natural lash cycle) Tinting options available.

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Classic Eyelash Extensions - Classic Full Set

120 min

Full Set/Unlimited Count of Lashes

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Classic Eyelash Extension - 2 Week Fill

60 min

Top up done **within 14 days** of the last application.

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Classic Eyelash Extensions - 2+ Week Fill/New Client Fill

90 min

Top up done up to 6 weeks following the last application ***with 25% or more of the lashes remaining*** This is also the Fill offered for new clients who would like another artists work filled.

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Volume Fill - 2 Week

75 min

Top up done within 2 weeks of the last application.

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Volume Fill - 2+ Week/New Client Fill

105 min

Top up done up to 6 weeks following the last application ***with 25% or more of the lashes remaining*** This is also the Fill offered for new Volume clients who would like another artists work filled.

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Lash Removal

15 min

Want to take the lashes off? Sure! Lashes are removed carefully and gently with a special adhesive remover and the process is finished by applying a homemade blend of oils which prevents thinning and promotes rapid growth, leading to thicker and full

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Hybrid Lash Set

135 min

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Hybrid - 2 Week Fill

75 min

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Hybrid - 2+ Week Fill

90 min


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