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$60 Classic sets | $70 Hybrid sets | $80 Volume sets

R E A D  B E F O R E  B O O K I N G:

Please TEXT ONLY if you have any questions or concerns.Home-based eyelash extension artist.If you currently have extensions from another lash tech, you must book a removal + full new set.It is important to arrive to your appointment with all eye makeup, preferably all makeup removed. NO EXTRA PEOPLE!!!Please arrive on time. Time is limited, so If you are 15 minutes or more late, your appointment will be cancelled.
If you cannot make it to your appointment, please notify me within 24 hours.If you do not respond to the confirmation text within 24-hours of it being sent, your appointment will be cancelled.Address is sent with confirmation text.You must book your fills ahead of time. If you wait until last minute and can't get an appointment, you will have to book a full new set. A refill is considered 40-50% or more previous lashes. Anything less will be considered a full new set.If you would like to change the style of your lashes, you will have to book a removal and a full new set. After 48 hours, I am not responsible for your lashes. If you have any issues with your lashes, I must be contacted within 48 hours through TEXT ONLY.PREFERABLY CASH, but I do accept card/cash app/paypal. 

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Maris Spaulding

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Classic set - $60

120 min

Classic set is more of a natural look. This method is also known as 1 to 1! Classic lashes are individual, perfect for clients who already have a full lash line of lashes.

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Hybrid set - $70

135 min

This set is half classic, half volume. This set is great for someone who has scarce lashes, also ones that want a fuller look but not as dramatic as a volume set.

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Volume set - $80

150 min

Volume sets are perfect for clients who are desiring a fuller and more glamorous look.

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Classic fill - $25

60 min

2-3 week fill up on classic lashes.

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Hybrid fill - $30

70 min

2-3 week fill up on hybrid lashes.

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Volume fill - $35

75 min

2-3 week fill up on volume lashes.

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Removal - $20

10 min

Removal of current extensions for a fresh new set.

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Weekly fill - $20

45 min

Weekly fill on any style of lash extensions.


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