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About the company

Hey you guys, my name is Tracy and doing hair is my passion I am self-taught Local hairdresser Can do any styles you desire Basics are: braids, cornrows, dreads retwist, extension, weave. Feel free to message for any inquiry! 

At every visit, your hair will be oiled, massaged and taken care of; where as you will also be treated as a member of the family with foods, drinks, and total control of the TV (netflix, amazon video, or PS4 games)  lol so don't you worry, grab a sit and make yourself at home. 

Thank you for choosing me .xx

ps- Hours listed are my only off days. Schedule updates WEEKLY 

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Top services

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Jumbo BoxBraids

90 min

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Small BoxBraids

240 min

The time is not always accurate; it depends on the size of your scalp. *DEPOSIT* will be to purchase the hair and excess products needed 

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Medium Cornrows

90 min

Price is starting is as shown; extra braids will be an extra £10

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Big Cornrows

45 min

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Styled Cornrows

60 min

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Hair Treatment

30 min

Hair and scalp massage given with any organic oils of your choosing based on your hair current needs. (Stimulates hair growth) Suitable for all hair types 


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