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About the company

Welcome to The BuiltOnAir Podcast. We are excited to have you join us as a guest.  Select from the list of hosts who you would like to be interviewed by.  Be sure to check each hosts bio and their availability to see what works for your background and time.  All the hosts are great so you can't go wrong with any of them.


This interview will be shared as an audio-only podcast AND a video series on our YouTube channel. While a webcam isn't required, it's very much preferred, as it makes the discussion portion much more interesting to watch (with you talking "face-to-face" rather than a static image).

Interview Structure
The basic structure is a bit of a "show and tell", with your host. They'll lead you through about 20 minutes of discussion about you + your Airtable experience. Then you'll have about 10 minutes of screen sharing to visually walk the audience through your wonderful Airtable creation.

Be ready to share via audio and video about your project, the story behind it, and your next goals. If your project has sensitive data in it, please prepare a "scrubbed" version to share on the show!

Topics of discussion:

Your background / company How you learned about Airtable How you use it in your business What you love about it What you hope to see it do in future Any other interesting tangents you and your host stumble upon


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BuiltOnAir Podcast

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The BuiltOnAir Podcast is the only podcast dedicated to all things Airtable.  We talk with amazing people doing amazing things with Airtable.We would love to learn from you as well.  Reach out if you'd like to be a guest.Website: builtonair


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