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Marcy Neumann, The HeartShift Coach

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About the company

Hi, Marcy here.  I am known as The HeartShift Coach.  I help people who are struggling with change.  I help my clients identify and let go of the things that are keeping them rooted in the past, unhappy and unhealthy.  I help my clients with a process called HeartShifting.  

As a Life Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, RN and Spiritual Counselor, I incorporate a number of processes to bring my clients to a place of being capable of manifesting the life that is desired.

I work with love relationships, personal relationships, self esteem, confidence, and health issues, always focusing on the 'Self' on a deep cellular level to shift the heart and perspective and bridge the gap between the disconnect of the head and heart. I work with people to create  lifestyle based on Self Love and that's something sustainable in all areas of their lives.

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Marcy Neumann

Podcast Interview with Marcy

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60 min

Use this service if you are scheduling an interview to be a guest on HeartShift Radio or the High Vibe Tribe podcast.

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Introductory 30 Minute Call Discovery Call

45 min

Talk with Marcy and discover the blocks you're having right now and the next steps to take to move forward.

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BONUS - Laser Coaching Session

15 min

Bonus Laser Coaching Session for Inner Circle Members Only.  You can join the group now for only $49/month.

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Distant HeartShift Energy Healing: 30 Minutes

45 min

Distant HeartShift Energy Healing has helped hundreds of people dismantle anxiety, fear, and depression for over 45 years.Distant HeartShift Energy Healing is a synergy of spiritual energy healing that integrates: 1.  Ancient Universal

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60 Minute Find Love Now Bonus Coaching Session

60 min

This bonus call is for members of the Find Love Now 6 Week Group Program.  Please make sure and enter the code to continue booking.

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Accountability with Marcy

45 min

This 30 minute call with me will help you with the Accountability free gift, getting to the root of truthfulness with yourself, forgiving yourself and more. This is your time to ask any questions or have me help you with the worksheet action plan.

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Soul Alignment and Healing Blueprint

60 min

Give me just one hour and I’ll hand you the blueprint to your life.Specific instructions on how to construct and create your life so you’re happy, healthy, authentic, successful, loved and full of the light that draws people instantly to you.A How-To


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