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Adessa Farrell

Top services

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The "DRIP" Glam

90 min

The Ultimate "DrippedbyDessa" glam. This glam includes:

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Subtle Glam

60 min

The Subtle yet Sexy Glam. This glam includes: - Medium coverage foundation routine

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The Extra Skin Glam

45 min

The more extra side of a Skin Glam. This glam includes: - Skin prep - Medium to full foundation routine -

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Eyes Only

30 min

The eyes only look. This look includes: - Eyebrows. - Any eyeshadow look. - Lashes. - Bottom lashes and or under eye glitter (additional $5.00)

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Eyebrows and Lashes Only

15 min

This look includes: - Eyebrows - Faux mink lashes - Bottom lashes (additional $5.00) *PLEASE NOTE*: This look does NOT include eyeshadow.

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Carnival Glam

90 min

The Ultimate Carnival Glam. This glam includes: - Full coverage foundation routine - Defined highlight and contour - Dramatic eyes (unlimited eyeshadow colours, cut crease, glitter, neon, etc) - Mink lashes - Bottom lashes and under eye glitter (if

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Beginner 1on1 Class

180 min

The beginners 1on1 class will allow you the opportunity to learn how to create an everyday makeup look that is suitable for any occasion. During this class you will be taught how to: 1. Prep for your specific skin type. 2. Fill in and clean up your e

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Touch up Glam

30 min

This service was created ONLY for clients that booked an appointment earlier in the day and want to add, remove or fix the makeup to be worn later in afternoon or night, of the very SAME day. This glam includes: - Addition or removal of eyeshadow c

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Skin Glam

30 min

Th "no makeup" look This look is as natural as it gets. Created for persons that desire to wear makeup but want to look as natural as possible. This look includes: - Skin prep - Very light or no filled in brows ( under the eyebrows will be cleaned


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