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Evolve College Newcastle online booking system for Student Massage Clinics

Please :

Only make a booking that you  are able to attend. Book using the name of the person who will be attending (if booking for yourself and other friends and family)  

Please provide correct details when making your appointment booking. Check your email for confirmation of your booking (sometimes it goes to spam or junk inboxes).

A student will contact you on the phone number you provide to confirm your booking on the morning/evening before your booking.  Please ensure it is correct.

Use the cancellation link at your soonest convenience if you are no longer able to attend, or email if you need to reschedule.


Often the higher therapist numbers (Therapist 10-28)  have more vacancies than the lower therapist numbers (Therapist 1-10) as these get booked first. 

This is a free offering to members of the public.  All that is requested is that you arrive at the appointment time and bring two large towels. 

If you book and are a no show it is both a student therapist and another member of the public who misses a opportunity to give/recieve a treatment,  Plesae show us respect by valuing our/their time and genuine effort.

Email if you would like to be notified of future Free student  massage clinics running in Newcastle. 

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Evolve College Newcastle online booking system


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