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About the company

Your bridal appointment at Elizabeth Michaels is a unique experience in itself… and that is how we like it!
Your consultant will get to know you and will discuss all aspects of your wedding day—date, time, location, and style.  You’ll also give your consultant all the details of what you have envisioned for your dream gown—style, fit, silhouette, beading or no beading, simple or extravagant, elegant or trendy. Not sure? That is great too! You’ve come to the experts!
After you have made yourself comfortable in our spacious fitting room, your consultant will begin bringing gowns to you, just a few at a time.  We want to keep this simple and stress free. By focusing on a few gowns at a time, you can begin to discover exactly what you love.
Based on the description you have given and our expert knowledge of the design and fit of our gowns, we are able to find exactly what you are looking for.  Your feedback on each gown allows the consultant to bring in gowns that reflect your personal taste as well as introducing new styles you may find surprising… and even end up loving!
What about bringing guests?
- Bring friends or family members who respects your individual style and vision for one of the most important days of your life.- Our bridal area only seats four guests comfortably, so we ask that you try to keep your party under four guests.- Please DO NOT bring small children.
How long should I plan for?
Allow approximately 1.5 hours for your appointment.

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