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Semester Exam Review

We will be keeping our regular tutoring schedule through Thursday, May 23rd.

WEEKEND TUTORING and MEMORIAL DAY:  I am available for tutoring during the weekend before exams. If you are interested, click on the dates Saturday, May 25th, Sunday, May 26th or Monday, May 27th. I will add more times as these fill up. I do weekend tutoring at DR. PHILLIPS- Eton Bridge Insurance & Financial  Solutions conference room 7625 W. Sandlake Rd. suite #201, Orlando, FL 32819

ON MONDAY, May 27th, I will be available in:

BALDWIN PARK- Ingenuity Engineers conference room 4798 New Broad St # 300, Orlando, FL 32814

*Weekend tutoring cannot be billed through the school, so you can pay me directly, cash, check or Zelle  $60. 

Exam Week openings, Tuesday, May 28 to Friday, May 31st. Click on the date to see the times available.  

**If your child does not have an exam during a certain period they can be tutored at school during that time. 

*** Lower school students will not be able to meet before 1 pm.

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