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23rd November 2019 | JazzWorks | Level 5 Function Room, Southbank Centre | 14.10pm - 15.40pm

Ways & Means: supporting a career in music Speed networking session for musicians beginning their careers to engage with a broad range of routes to career progression. An opportunity for emerging artists and professionals to engage with and understand the various routes available that enable career progression, including industry services and funding streams.

Please click 'Book Now' above to book your session with the available Industry experts. 

You are able to book a maximum of 8 sessions with different partners. Each session lasts 10 minutes. Please make sure you do not book more than one session for the same time slot. 

Please contact Gabriella Rhodes on 020 7324 1880 or if you have any trouble booking your slots. 

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Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) - Francesca Treadaway

Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) - Ruth McPherson

The Musicians' Union

Manchester Jazz Festival

Southbank Centre

Tomorrow's Warriors

Jazz North

Help Musicians UK

British Council

British Underground

PRS Foundation

Jazz Promotion Network (JPN)

Sage Gateshead

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10 minute speed networking session

10 min

A chance to chat with industry professionals. Come prepared with questions and information you would like to receive.


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