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Hi All. It's Pete here (Genevieve's husband).

A lot of people have asked if and when they can visit Gen. This is fantastic and shows just how caring a circle of friends and family Gen has. That said, Gen has been finding it difficult to keep on top of managing who is visiting and when and it's making her unduly tired and stressed (not what she needs right now!). This is why I have created this page. Rather than arranging individual visits, everyone can see when Gen is available and can pick a time that suits them.

Gen's rehabilitation is quite intense so Gen and I worked together to build in some time for her to rest. This means that there are not that many opportunities to visit. I will update the site each week based on her timetable for the coming week and when she would like some 'down time'. This means that I can only publish one week of visiting times at a time.

If you're not able to visit one week, check back the following week as there will be more spaces.

Gen's room is a good size and can accommodate about three people at a time but please be aware that her rehabilitation is tiring and the more people that visit together, the more tiring it will be for her. Just your visit is gift enough for Gen but if you did want to bring something, be aware that the hospital does not allow flowers/plants (something to do with particulates they give off I think, I'm not sure exactly the reason). 

While Gen welcomes messages from all her friends and family (e.g. by text, Facebook, WhatsApp or even post!) please don't try to arrange a visiting time with her directly as this has been really tiring for her to try and manage on her own. Please use this site (or contact me and I can book a time for you).



Note: The booking page will ask for your email address and phone number. I couldn't turn this off so if you don't want to enter these details, just put some nonsense in those boxes. As long as your name is correct, we'll know to expect you.

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