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About the company

A text, talk or video service for those who want to contact Bella.

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1380 min

This is an option for the people who want to talk without talking.  This is a TEXT ONLY option.  You will have access to text me for 24 hours from the start of your appointment.*NO REFUNDS.

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30 min

This is where you get the opportunity to talk to me about whatever you want. Let's have fun and get to know each other. *NO REFUNDS.

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20 min

This is a 20 minute call where I read to you. This is the best option for a person who just wants someone to talk to or just hear my voice, but doesn't want to talk or have anything to talk about.*NO REFUNDS.

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35 min

This is the same as talk, except we are on FaceTime, GoogleDuo or Skype. Those are the only 3 video chat options that are available.  *NO REFUNDS.


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