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The Dudley Group is supporting the COVID-19 vaccination programme and we have identified you as being eligible to receive the vaccine and high priority.


Please use this online system to book your vaccination slot at the vaccination hub at The Black Country Museum.


Under no circumstances should this link be shared with other people.  You will be required to bring ID with a photo.  If you are a professional (i.e. NHS, Care Home Staff, Social Care staff), this must also include your work ID or a signed letter from the workplace.


To receive the COVID-19 vaccine, you need to:

·        Find your NHS number. You can’t have the vaccination without it. (See below information on how to find your NHS number)

·        Book an appointment using this website

·        Read the pre-screening questions below to confirm eligibility

·        Print and complete a consent form below

·        Print and complete a COVID-19 vaccination record form below

·        Read the ‘What to expect after you’ve had the vaccine’ leaflet below

·        Bring an ID with photo.  If you are a professional (i.e. NHS, Care Home Staff, Social Care staff), this must be your staff / work ID.  This will be required to access the service.

·        Make sure you can attend your second appointment within 12 weeks after the first appointment date you select.  You will be given your second appointment date when you attend your first appointment.

Please bring your completed consent form and record form with you to your first appointment.  When you attend for your first appointment, please remember to wear loose clothing on the upper body to ensure easy access to the upper arm (right or left)


You will need two doses of the vaccine. Further information can be found on the NHS England website.


How do I find my NHS number?

·        Find it on any letter or document you have received from the NHS, including prescriptions, test results, and hospital referral or appointment letters.

·        You can find it by downloading the NHS APP (this is not the NHS COVID19 APP).

 Pre-screening questions: 

Are you currently unwell with a fever?

Have you had a previous systemic allergic reactions (including immediate onset anaphylaxis) to a previous dose of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca or to any component of the vaccine or residues from the manufacturing process (L-Histidine,L-Histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, Magnesium chloride hexahydrate, Polysorbate 80, Ethanol, Sucrose, Sodium chloride, Disodium edetate dihydrate, Water for injections

Have you ever had a significant allergic reaction to a vaccine, medicine or food (such as previous history of anaphylactoid reaction or those that have been advised to carry an adrenaline autoinjector)?

Have you had any other vaccinations in the last 7 days?

Have you had a COVID positive test within the past 28 days?

Are you pregnant?

If you answer YES to the any of the above questions you CANNOT HAVE the vaccination and SHOULD NOT book your appointment and speak to your GP.

.                 Further questions,                

                  Do you have a bleeding disorder, e.g. haemophilia?

             If YES, proceed with booking your appointment but inform the vaccinator.

.                 Are you taking any blood thinning medication, e.g. Warfarin?

              If YES, vaccination still likely to be possible depending on answer to your next question

.                  Do you have an INR blood test of less than 3.5?

              If YES, proceed with booking your appointment.  If NO, please ask GP for further advice


.                    Are you breastfeeding?

           If YES, proceed with booking your appointment 

Where do I have my COVID-19 vaccination?

The COVID-19 Vaccination Hub

Black Country Living Museum

Tipton Road, Dudley, DY1 4SQ 

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