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Healing power is within, Acupuncture is one of the natural tools to facilitate and awaken the healing power. Listen to your body as I may ask questions about it.

The human body is a natural ecosystem. It can rectify itself back to balance. Balance means health in many traditional medicines, which include traditional Chinese medicine and Rongoa Maori. 

To enable the body to function at its best, we need to provide with the right conditions. Natural diet, upright posture, enough rest, adequate exercise, and peaceful mind. 

Be the best kind self. The first environment worth saving is you.

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Sophia Xiao-Colley

Sophia Xiao-Colley

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Welcome any health conditions to have a try. Let me be the locksmith that helps you to find the key for your unique body ecosystem. Health is a happy partnership with your own body. Your body is a natural ecosystem which can self-heal by design.


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