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Baked Spaghetti & Salad Dinner Meal

30 min

Freshly fully cooked baked spaghetti & salad9 x 13 aluminum pan FREE DELIVERY IN NEWARK, KEARNY, BLOOMFIELD NEW JERSEY. I only travel to these cities only. DELIVERY TIME 10 minutes to get to your home address 10 minutes to dro

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Clean Kitchen Dishwasher

120 min

Hire me to help clean your kitchen. Wash dishes and mop floors 

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Small Graduation or Party Event [Feeding 10-15 People]

30 min

Fully cooked food + Drop Off Only (5) 9 x 13 Aluminum Pan of Baked Ziti Ground Turkey Seasoned, Cheese On Top(3) 8 x 8 Aluminum Pan of Mixed Salad Feeding up to 15 people 

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Wedding Rehearsal Or Bridal Shower Dinner Event

30 min

Fully cooked food + DROP OFF ONLY FEEDING 20-25 PEOPLE TEXT ME WHAT DO YOU WANT? Baked Spaghetti or Baked Ziti? Ground Turkey seasoned. IT WILL TAKE ME 4 HOURS TO PREPARE (8) 9 x 13 Large Aluminum Pans. FRESH MIXED SALAD INCLUDED. Total Foo


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