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About the company

At Furry Paw Studio, we specialize in capturing the timeless bond between pets and their owners through our expert pet photography services. With both indoor studio shoots and breathtaking outdoor sessions, we create stunningly beautiful canvases that will make your furry friend's personality shine.

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Furry Paw Studio

Top services

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Indoor pet portrait photography (4 digital photos)

90 min

Our Indoor Pet Portrait Photography service offers a personalized experience to capture extraordinary moments with your beloved pets. Our skilled photographers excel at creating captivating indoor portraits that showcase the unique personality and es

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Outdoor pet portrait photography (4 digital photos)

90 min

Our Outdoor Pet Portrait Photography service is designed to provide pet owners with a memorable and unique experience. Our team of professional photographers combines the beauty of outdoor locations with natural lighting to capture stunning portraits

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Unusual (pre approved) Indoor/Outdoor pet portrait photography

180 min

Our Unusual Indoor/Outdoor pet portrait photography service offers a truly extraordinary experience. Our team of highly skilled and imaginative photographers are dedicated to capturing your special moments in captivating and creative ways. With metic

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In the Box photography

60 min

Our company, FurryPawStudio, provides a unique and creative photography service that captures moments within beautifully designed boxes. With options of 4 or 3 squares, 6 squares, 9 squares boxes or more, starting at just £75, and offer a range of pa

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Newborn Puppy/Kittens Photography at the client's home (3 digital photos for each puppy)

75 min

The Newborn Puppy Photography service helps create a heartwarming, timeless images that celebrate the joy and innocence of your precious puppy's early days. (3 digital photos for each puppy). 1-4 Puppys/Kittens £75. 5-8 Puppys/Kittens £100. 9-12 P


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