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About the company

Welcome to Goldn Chakra! Congratulations for taking the step to make your life the best it can be. ***This page is used for booking ONLY. After you have paid for your session, I'll get back to you, via e-mail, to set up a time and date. See you soon!

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(1) 60-minute Hypnosis Session

60 min

The first session reveals how your internal process works. You’ll be given a verification sheet and a follow-up email to monitor your progress.

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(3) Three 60-minute Hypnosis Sessions

60 min

By the third session, we’ll be monitoring concrete results and developing an action plan to obtain what you desire. Includes follow-ups and verification. Two-month expiration.

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(5) Five 60-Minute Hypnosis Sessions

60 min

By the fifth session, you’ll be on the path to breaking through any limitations that have prevented you from pursuing yourself to the fullest. We’ll also begin manifesting what you desire, develop your inner gifts, and discover who you truly are. Thi

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(10) Ten 60-Minute Hypnosis Sessions

60 min

By the tenth session, we’ll be delving into mysticism, spiritual awakening, kundalini experiences. and the development of your inner gifts. This positive transformation will rewire the very fabric of your being, as you open the doors to your sacred d

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30-minute Self-hypnosis

30 min

***BEST SELLER**** Self hypnosis is an alternative & holistic approach to therapy. This is best for those who wish to become one with themselves. The sounds introduced during a Sound Bath are an invitation into a deeper state of consciousness, an opp

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15-Minute Phone Consultation

15 min

• Hey! So you’ve made it this far. Let’s see if hypnosis is the best fit for you. Remember that clinical hypnotherapists are NOT licensed to diagnose mental illnesses or prescribe treatment. This is an alternative & holistic approach to therapy tha


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