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About the company

HotelShop offers a special hotel stays that are ultimately tailored to your needs, not only during your hotel stay, but also throughout your whole travel journey. 

Our team

Rakan Nazer

Luay Samer

Farah Khawaj

Top services

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Walk-In Appointment

90 min

Our booking awaits.. and so is your appointment!Come over and tell us all about your future travel plans and let our experience experts customize them for you!

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Honeymoon Plan Consultation

90 min

Our concierge agents have an extensive knowledge base of shops, attractions, transportation options, airports, happy hours, and restaurants to guarantee a memorable travel experience

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Visa & Immigration Consultation

30 min

Get the updated countries Visa entry requirements and COVID-19 restrictions accurately, book your appointment now phisyccly or virtually with the dedicated HotelShop concierge team.

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Travel Request

5 min

Submit your travel request now by filling the form, and we will get back to you shortly with the prices and feedback


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