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Offering professional, high-quality headshots at every price point to satisfy every client's individual needs.

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One Look/Setup

20 min

This is perfect if you: -Need to add a new look to an already strong portfolio-Need a strong, professional look for your website, Linkedin, or social media-If you've never had a professional headshot taken and just need one to startThis includes:-20

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Two Looks/Setups

50 min

This is perfect if you: -Need to update your portfolio with looks that show your range or specific character looks.-Need different looks for different portfolios. For example, acting, modeling, professional, etc.-This includes:-50 minute session

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Three Looks/Setups

80 min

This is perfect if you: -Need to completely revamp your portfolio with updated looks-Need a different look to submit to for any roleThis includes:-1 hour 20 minute session-Three looks-Any studio styles (please see gallery for examples)


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