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To book an appointment to renew or apply for a Maritime Security Identification Card please select a date and time.

You will need your original identification documents, letter of operational need and completed application when you attend your appointment. Applications that are not completed in full and all supporting documents provided will need to re-book online.  Payment is required on the day.

Identification documents required for application for an MSIC:

(one from each category A, B & C - only require D if current address is not shown on A, B or C)

Category A:                                                                                         Category B:                                         Category C:                                   Category D:

- Australian Birth Certificate                                                             - Australian drivers licence                - Medicare card                             - Australian motor vehicle registration

- Australian Citizenship / Citizenship by descent Certificate       - Australian proof of age card           - ASIC / MSIC                                  - Australian rates notice

- Australian Visa / Australian Protection Visa                                 - Industry licence                                - Bank card / ATM card                - Utility account / bank statement 

Please note the minimum requirement for the Letter of Operational Need has changed. A template letter is available on our website.

If you have been notified your MSIC has arrived please call 08 9964 0582 to arrange a date and time for collection. 

You will need your current/expired MSIC and/or photo identification (drivers licence or passport)

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MSIC applications and renewals

30 min

To book an appointment to renew or apply for an MSIC, please select a date and time. The MSIC Office will confirm availability. Thanks.


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