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Live Love and Choose You

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I'm Nykedtra Brown, a Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for serving underserved and/or minority women. Women bring so much value to their homes, workplaces, organizations, family, friends and more. But often times that value is minimized when it comes to them. It's time for women to LLC (Live, Love and Choose YOU). I help women create a path to health and overall wellness that will allow them to improve chronic illness, lose weight and cope with everyday life.

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Health Care Plan

20 min

The thought of "getting healthy" can be an overwhelming process for some. This 20 minute session is designed to help interested persons prioritize health needs.  It gives you a starting point with clear objectives regarding your health.There is

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Discovery Call

15 min

This call is for those who want to know a little more about me, what I do, ask questions about my programs and services and determine if we are a good fit. 


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