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Offspring Photo Meet Portfolio Reviews

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About the company

Photo Meet is an incubator the promotes and supports photographers and connected them to the industry in order to facilitate professional success and artistic development.

The yearly Offspring Photo Meet, happening this year on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th June, will come back in vibrant East London providing a stellar lineup of photo experts reviewing photographers’ portfolios and will feature an exciting cultural programming presenting both established and emerging talents with talks and presentation.

Our team

Emmanuelle Peri

Tony Bell

James Gerrard-Jones

Ingrid Wimart

Emma Lewis

Julie Cook

Claire Wearn

George Pringle

Frederique Destribats

Jaki-Jo Hannah

Martin Usborne

Ruth Armitt

Kate Edwards

Susie Forman

Max Houghton

Kate Brunt

Cindy Parthonnaud

Charlie Drinkwater

Aron Morel

Alex Kelly

(A Clone)

Gabby Vicente

Tom Burns

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20 min

20 minutes long individual meeting with top photo experts.


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